my pink stamper challenge

my pink stamper challenge

You could see some of the words on this 1 =D

You could see some of the words on this 1  =D
My Pink Stamper is looking for her next 2 design team .The challenge would be to Make a card, scrapbook page, or other Cricut project using your favorite cartridge and Robyn's favorite colors: Pink, Green, Brown, and another color of your own choice .Her blog is . . . www.My Pink Stamper .com

This is the challenge I made Pencil /pen flowers . The materials I used are ........
*empty iced tea container
* tissue paper
*thermo [to make the circle for the roses]
* colors red,pink. green and brown
*pink ribbon
*glue gun *
*Simply Sweet cricut cartridge (to cut the letters and make the stitched circles )
*Surrounding paper from the "stack 7" (DCWV)
*white ribbon from wyla
* it says Live, Love ,Laugh which i believe are some of the L's in life . . . . . . . . =D

my new cell phone cover !!!!!!!!!!:-)

my new cell phone cover !!!!!!!!!!:-)

Makin a new cell phone cover :

Hi everyone this would be my new cellphone cover since the cover started taking of ...I went to the Michael s to buy the rhinestones . While I was there I was able to get the glue to be able to secure the rhinestones on the phone cover.

The material's I used would be:


* beacon 527 multi- use glue

* cellphone cover

*freezer lollipop stick or cotton swab stick

the 3 steps would be

1* Choose what rhinestones or decorations that you want to use for your cover .

2* Apply it on the paper or shapes that you want it to be ,put it 1 by 1 if they are not in strips by using a freezer lollipop stick or a cotton swap stick . (put a little bit of pressure on the rhinestones so it won't fall , add thin layer of glue first)

3*wait for a while (glue dries a little fast use little by little) until its not sticky and dried

And that's how i was able to make my cellphone cover....:-)

vicky baby hair accesories

vicky baby hair accesories
hello every one this would be a hair accessory that my mom did but i drew the little girl in the front . . . . My young sister decided to name it like that since one of my sisters name is that , we couldn't come up with anything else !!!We'll I think they're very adorable . . . . . . . =D LOLZ

My 1 of my bff bday card !!!!=D

My 1 of my bff bday card !!!!=D

i used a wooble

i used a wooble


*lavender paper from michael's n dark paper from jo-ann's w/ the black n white paper
*"happy birthday"stamp from Jo-Ann's
*white stickles (i added them l8ter)
*purple n white polka dot ribbon from target
*lavender ribbon from michael's
*white scrap paper
*butterfly punch from michael's
*"memories dye ink pad "
*glue dots
*ad tech glue runner
*white gel pen from peachy keen stamps

Sunday, January 9, 2011

=D <3  Valentines day is  coming up !!!!! i already made my bff card she said she loved it YAY!!!!!!!=D  <3

Friday, January 7, 2011

hi . . . . . . awwwww  thank you guys for being followers i burly started  using the cricut and doing craft stuff so they might not be that good (BTW ill try  my best) ...=D

Sunday, January 2, 2011

hi everyone i will be doing  a pink stamper challenge which i would put in a little while since I'm doing it right now.Hopefully it would be good.